Cluster Studio XE launch
Intel has launched the new Intel Cluster Studio XE 2012 the most comprehensive HPC product from Intel to date
IntelParallelStudio XE
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Intel Parallel Studio XE
IntelParallelStudio XE 

Intel® Parallel Studio XE offers the best C++ and Fortran compilers in the industry along with highly tuned performance libraries for math, crypto, imaging, and compression. Receive the latest processor performance improvements by a simple re-link of your code. The parallel computing software suite includes the next generation of powerful profiling tools for serial and parallel tuning as well as dynamic analysis and static security analysis tools for building and deploying high-quality applications.

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  • Performance - Build faster code with optimizing compiler and libraries and eliminate bottlenecks with new performance profiler.
  • Reliability - Pinpoint memory and threading errors before they happen.
  • Security - Eliminate software security vulnerabilities through Static Security Analysis.
  • Flexibility - Supports parallel programming models, enabling implementation of robust parallelism based on needs
  • Broad Support - Runs on Windows* and Linux* in IDE or standalone
What's Included in Parallel Studio XE 2013
New features in Parallel Studio XE 2013